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Kathy Jenkins wrote and illustrated her first “book” in third grade—a fancy folded-and-stapled, pencil-and-crayon get-up that occasionally still makes its way out of a dusty cardboard box full of memorabilia and that always elicits lots of laughs. She wrote her first real book in her mid-twenties—a first-aid textbook for college and university students, composed on her brand-new electric typewriter with a correction tape. (And, oh, was that slow going!) Scattered among all those books were lots of articles, essays, marketing pieces, and more than a little advertising copy. From there, she’s never looked back.

Over her forty-plus-year career, Kathryn Jenkins has written under the following names: Kathryn B. Jenkins, Kathryn J. Frandsen, and Kathryn Jenkins Gordon.

With almost a hundred books to her credit over the past forty years, she’s still at it—and her favorites are the historical and inspirational books you’ll see here. A pro at nonfiction, she recently published her first novel, under the pen name of Cassandra Grey. Check out her most recent publications here!


Enduring with Grace and Strength

Book coverWe all want to know if were on the right track in life—the track that will lead us back to our heavenly home. Each of us faces roadblocks like heartache, pain, and challenges that loom as big as mountains. Knowing how to move those mountains and how to consecrate adversity for our good will ensure that we stay n course and reach our desired destination. As you continue on that journey day by day, never forget that God has a plan just for you. That plan will keep you on the covenant path and help you overcome every obstacle. With grace and strength, you can endure until you run through the finish line and enter into the Savior's welcoming embrace.

Kathryn Jenkins is a masterful storyteller and dips in and out of scripture, personal experiences, church doctrine, and inspirational stories in order to shed light on the difficulties we all encounter in life and the promise that we can make it through to the 'end of the race.' The hardships she has faced are staggering, and I found myself tearing up as she shared her insights from the mountains she has climbed. I also noticed myself constantly thinking about my own trials as I read and reframing them with the knowledge she was providing. Her book would be a great book to give to missionaries who are struggling, or to any friends or family members who have gotten to the point where they are 'in the thick of a desperate situation that is tearing at [their] very soul.' The most powerful parts of the book, for me, were the reminders that the Savior can heal us, that we are loved, and that we are not alone. —Marci Stringham

Kathryn Jenkins is one of those rare souls who can be deep in the thick of a most distressing challenge and turn to help those around her in a real and meaningful way. Her own trials have shaped her, and here she offers many lessons she has learned, for the benefit of others who are experiencing similar challenges. She accomplishes this eloquently, yet simply. Her words resonate deep within my heart and have empowered me through some trying times of my own. Her application of her faith is truly beautiful and inspiring. With this book, she empowers others to achieve the same heights. —Janice Eyre


Shattered Defense

CoverOn the heels of her thirteen-year-old sons suicide, public defender Andrea Harrison throws herself into her work. In trying to uncover the truth about her serial-killer client, she follows his exploits on a cross-country odyssey—only to discover instead a bombshell that will turn her life upside down.

As a lifelong fan of John Grisham and legal thrillers, this page-turner was gripping and kept me hungry to unfold the books mysteries. Cassandra Grey is fantastic as creating characters that make you feel the whole range of emotions and care about the unfolding story. —Mike Winder, state official and bestselling author

Grey is the new Grisham, and her story will haunt you as it pulls you into the journey of discovery, shocking surprises, and nail-biting twists. —Michele Ashman Bell, bestselling author


"Kathy writes compellingly and swiftly, has an eye for detail, and possesses an uncanny sense for how to shape a story to make it pulsate with energy."
 —Taylor Halverson


"Kathy Jenkins has honed her editing skills with such precision and excellence that today she is viewed by many (including me) as the best editor on the planet. No matter how many times I have read and reworked a manuscript, Kathy improves my writing with meticulous care and good will."
 —Susan Easton Black


"Kathy has been so helpful to me in bringing my manuscripts to fruition, encouraging me to work diligently on my writing craft. She makes every author better in every way."
 —Ed J. Pinegar


"Kathy brings life in her writing, wisdom in her editing, and experience in her consulting; she has made me a better and more confident author."
 —Ganel-Lyn Condie