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Know all those great ideas that have been bouncing around in your head all this time? If you’re ready to share them with the world, you’ll want a professional, polished piece that presents your very best—and the array of services Kathy Jenkins offers can result in exactly that!

If you’re still at the idea stage, take advantage of her consulting services—she’ll not only give you solid advice on what to do next, but can help you determine your best audience, all the way from a niche market to a national market. She can also help you sort out the differences between self-publishing, traditional publishing, and agented publishing—and help you decide which is best for you.

If you’ve already started writing, Kathy offers a variety of editing services (all the way from a simple copy edit to a structural or developmental edit) that will make your work the very best it can be. And if you’re ready to write but don’t know how (or just don’t want to), Kathy is a cracker-jack ghostwriter who can write your book for you.

And if you’re entering the home stretch with a book that has been typeset, Kathy has legendary proofreading skills that will help you avoid any embarrassing errors. She’s also one of the best indexers around if you’d like a professionally done, user-friendly index.

And what about you? If you’d like to leave a real treasure for your posterity, you’ll want to consider a personal history. Kathy writes those, too. In fact, it’s her favorite kind of writing.

So check out the services Kathy has to offer. You’ll find everything you need to know here, including how things work and what they’ll cost.


"Kathy writes compellingly and swiftly, has an eye for detail, and possesses an uncanny sense for how to shape a story to make it pulsate with energy."
 —Taylor Halverson


"Kathy Jenkins has honed her editing skills with such precision and excellence that today she is viewed by many (including me) as the best editor on the planet. No matter how many times I have read and reworked a manuscript, Kathy improves my writing with meticulous care and good will."
 —Susan Easton Black


"Kathy has been so helpful to me in bringing my manuscripts to fruition, encouraging me to work diligently on my writing craft. She makes every author better in every way."
 —Ed J. Pinegar


"Kathy brings life in her writing, wisdom in her editing, and experience in her consulting; she has made me a better and more confident author."
 —Ganel-Lyn Condie