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If you want to write a slice of your story, find out ten ways to tell whether your story should be a novel or a memoir. Then read these articles to learn what makes the difference between a can’t-put-it-down memoir that readers will remember forever and one that gets donated to a thrift shop—as well as the mistakes you should avoid in your memoir. And regardless of whether you’re ready to start writing your own bestseller for the national market or as a keepsake for your own family, get inspiration and motivation from the ten best memoirs ever written. You’ll find the list and info about each here. (Photo: TAXI


"Kathy writes compellingly and swiftly, has an eye for detail, and possesses an uncanny sense for how to shape a story to make it pulsate with energy."
 —Taylor Halverson


"Kathy Jenkins has honed her editing skills with such precision and excellence that today she is viewed by many (including me) as the best editor on the planet. No matter how many times I have read and reworked a manuscript, Kathy improves my writing with meticulous care and good will."
 —Susan Easton Black


"Kathy has been so helpful to me in bringing my manuscripts to fruition, encouraging me to work diligently on my writing craft. She makes every author better in every way."
 —Ed J. Pinegar


"Kathy brings life in her writing, wisdom in her editing, and experience in her consulting; she has made me a better and more confident author."
 —Ganel-Lyn Condie