What a gift life is—and there are ninety things I would most like to do with that gift. before I die. Those that are marked are the ones I have had the awesome joy of already doing:

Attend a temple on each continent

 Walk where Jesus walked

SafariGo on an African safari

Serve a mission

Sail a small craft on the ocean

Visit New Zealand

Collect autumn leaves in New England

 Do an endowment for a family member in the Nauvoo Temple

 See England’s crown jewels

Eat lunch in Malmohus, where my Swedish ancestors joined the Church

Spend the night in an English cottage

TuscanyEat a picnic on a hillside in Tuscany

 Savor Baklava in Greece

 See the pyramids

Wade along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea

Touch the life of a child

Design, piece, and stitch an heirloom quilt

 Find an unexpected treasure

Complete the research and temple work for eight complete generations of my ancestors

BabyHold a great-grandchild

Write my personal history (500 pages down, . . . )

 Eat dinner on a paddleboat on the Mississippi River

Hold Jessica’s, Nicholas’s, and Melissa’s children in my arms

 Picnic at the base of a giant redwood tree

 Milk a cow

Stand on a glacier in Alaska


GondolaSee the Northern Lights

Ride in a gondola through the “streets” of Venice

 Stroke a rattlesnake’s skin

Swim with dolphins

Attend a live performance of an Italian tenor

 Eat fried green tomatoes

Stand in the celestial room surrounded by all my children

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel See the Mona Lisa

Stand in the Sistine Chapel

 Sail on the Nile River

Have my picture taken on the observation deck of the Empire State Building

 Eat fish and chips in London

Design and create a piece of jewelry

Read all of C.S. Lewis’s books

Eat fresh pineapple at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii

TempleAttend all the temples in Utah (seems there are more every year!)

 Meet a prophet

Visit Book of Mormon ruins in Central America

Walk through a field of heather on a Scottish moor

Visit the rose gardens on Victoria Island

Eat lobster at a restaurant on the coast of Maine

 Ride in a hot air balloon

Fly over the Grand Canyon in a small aircraft

FjordPhotograph the fjords in Norway

Collect sea shells in the Caribbean

 Visit the Eiffel Tower

 Sail across the Sea of China

 Touch the walls of the synagogue in Capernaum

Stand on Ellis Island

Eat a mango in Tahiti

Understand the book of Isaiah

NovelWrite and publish a novel to critical acclaim

 Learn how to weave baskets

Attend an LDS Church meeting in Africa

Snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia

Embroider a temple apron

 Get a right-hand diamond ring

Eat buttered Taber corn at the Calgary Stampede

 Pray in the Sacred Grove

 Read the Bible

Ride a bicycle around Bainbridge Island

Victoria FallsVisit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

 Ride a cable car in San Francisco

 Eat lunch at a sidewalk café in Paris

Walk on the Great Wall of China

See Michelangelo’s “David”

 Ride a bullet train in Japan

 Eat crab on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

 Wander through the cells at Alcatraz

 Knit a sweater

See a show on Broadway in New York City

Orchid gardenVisit the orchid gardens in Fiji

Have my teeth replaced

 Create a shadow box that displays ancestral keepsakes

Take a class in Book of Mormon archaeology

Ride in a convertible up Highway 101 from Los Angeles to San Francisco

 Ride the Maid ‘O the Mist at Niagara Falls

 Visit Herod’s summer palace atop Masada

 See Mount Fuji

 Ride in a convertible through the eucalyptus forests outside Carmel

 Spend the day at the Louvre in Paris

My greatest desire: See the face of the Savior


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